About Us

We Wanted It — So We Made It

In 2013, during the first ever Halal Food Fest Toronto, we saw some unique products offered by local vendors. Yes – we were those people scoping non-edible products at a food festival. We got thinking about how we could launch some products that would spark positive conversation among the Muslim and non-Muslim community both locally and globally. In a post 9/11 world, it was a difficult time for Muslims and we wanted to contribute something that would portray us in a different light.

Our brainstorming sessions led us to a t-shirt idea in Ramadan 2013. We had finally figured out what we wanted to do, but couldn’t find someone to help us do it — so we made it ourselves! Our first release of products were adult t-shirts in six designs which were produced in a variation of colors. it for us — so we made it ourselves!  Our first release of products were 6 designs which were produced in a variation of colors. 

Being new to the game, we thought we would sell out – but little did we know! We soon came to realize that not every design was as cool as we thought, and some of the colors were, well, just an eyesore

It was a learning experience and it shaped the way we started to think. We spent more time on our designs and vetted them, and continued to evolve our product offerings.

After starting off with a couple of adult t-shirt designs, we started diversifying our product lines to include baby onesies, and eventually toddler t-shirts. We have now brought on baby sets and baby shoes!

Although we started off as an adult t-shirt company, we feel that the baby/child segment is where we can spark the most conversation and discussion. Babies are cute, and people tend to spend more time gazing at their adorable faces and reading the blurbs on their clothes. Those blurbs are short, concise, interesting and a perfect way to build dialogue. But we continue to evolve in ways that we could not have predicted.

To this day, we are still aiming to build bridges and start up conversation with the help of our Islamic oriented apparel items